Welcome to Espace Propriétaires des Belleville!

If you are a home owner in the Vallée des Belleville and would like to play a part in the organisation of life at your resort, the whole team at the Espace Propriétaires at SEM Rénov extends a warm welcome to you.

Two dedicated areas at Les Menuires and Val Thorens are open year-round from Monday to Friday.

Pictos label rouge 13Quality of the accommodation

Enhance the value of your property by having it certified and classified:

  • Snowflake quality certification
  • Government star rating
  • Famille Plus certification (Family Plus)
  • Eco-citizens

Find out about the benefits!

Picto oril rougeFinancial assistance for renovation

Grants available for renovation: learn about the O.R.I.L. scheme (Opération de Réhabilitation de l'Immobilier de Loisirs – Real Estate Rehabilitation Programme</62>).

Benefit from a support service for your renovation project (<71>personalised and free service</71>).

Picto gestion locative rougeRental management

Whether you're seeking to make a profit from your property or simply cover your expenses, choose the formula that suits you best!

Picto avantages rougeOwner benefits

Benefits according to your involvement in the valley: numerous discounts and special offers in partnership with the valley's retailers and professionals.

Winter 2023_24 Benefits Guide

Picto animations rougeOwners' events 

A programme of <112>"Special Owners’</112>events is offered throughout the year: behind-the-scenes discoveries of the resorts, conferences, sports meetings, a chance to share special moments!


Picto syndics copros rougeCo-ownerships

Access reserved for co-ownerships

If you are a Manager of a Syndic (property management board) or President of a Syndical Council, </126><127>click here</127><139><136><133> </133>to obtain access.

Picto partenariats rougeRetailer partnership

Access reserved to partners of the Espace Propriétaires

If you are a retailer or professional, </150><151>click here</151><160><157> </157><136>to obtain access.

Last edited: 2024-03-20