Eco-citizenship : definition


Eco-citizenship is the behaviour of a person or a group of people that is based on the respect of rules and principles aimed at respecting the environment.

Eco-citizenship is also and above all the ecological awareness of belonging to an environment that guarantees its existence, which implies rights and duties in relation to a territory.

Eco-citizenship therefore concerns us all.

The objectives of eco-citizenship are to fight against climate change by reducing our environmental footprint, to support responsible economic development by participating in an eco-citizen economy or to participate in social cohesion between territories and generations by carrying out eco-citizen and solidarity actions.

Being an eco-citizen means being aware that each of our daily actions has an impact on the planet. And, based on this observation, it means making a commitment to respect the environment in order to limit the impact that one's actions will have on the planet.

Every eco-citizen has the means to ensure sustainable development through their daily actions !


Last edited: 2023-02-10